Thursday, September 12, 2013

Learning in First Grade in Newark

Ameista McLean, Kindergarten Teacher
Flo Wiener, Kindergarten Teacher
It was such a thrill today to visit first grade classrooms at one of our schools in Newark and see such outstanding learning happening. I was knocked out by the writing the children were doing in Mrs. Vaughn's first grade classroom. Against so many odds (and I know it is frown upon to talk about things like abject poverty, high crime & rapidly rising murder rates even though the children are smack in the middle of these things) these children are reading and writing with power.  I decided to include pictures of their teachers from last year, Ms. Wiener and Ms. McLean, as the success of these children is directly connected to the amazing teaching these two teachers did.

Reading and writing difficulties can be prevented.


  1. Mary Ann --

    "Reading and writing difficulties can be prevented."

    I absolutely agree with you on that. And if those reading and writing difficulties are prevented at an earlier age, later school-related difficulties are less likely. And if those difficulties never happen, students are more likely to stay in school. And if they stay in school instead of dropping out ...

    Yes, this is important, and those teachers are doing heroic heavy lifting that benefits all of us. Thanks for spotlighting them.


    1. Gary, I appreciate you taking the time to write. These teachers are two of many who are in fact doing the heavy lifting in Newark, NJ. Thank you for recognizing that:)


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