2013: New Art

New works I made in 2013.

Monastery (Tuscany, Italy, August 2013)

Towards Light (Massachusetts, March 2013)

Buildings (Montepulciano, Italy, August, 2013)

Glow (Newquay, England, August, 2013)

Sunflower Puddle (Augusta, NJ, August, 2013)

Winter Tree (Ringwood, NJ, February, 2013)

Orchard in Snow (Warwick, NY, January, 2013)

Starlight (Tuxedo, NY, February, 2013)

Barn in Orchard (Warwick, NY, December, 2013)
Walking on the Beach (Newquay, England. August 2013)

Stonehenge (England. August 2013)
Out Walking in Rain (London, England. August 2013)
Bookstore Interior (London, England. August 2013)
Breathe (July, 2013)

When March is Scarcely Here (March, 2013)

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