Saturday, September 7, 2013

After Looking: Seeing Possibilities In Discarded Images

Passing (M.A. Reilly, Devon, England, 2013)

These are all images I discarded and set aside the first time I reviewed the images I had made.  I always enjoy revisiting discarded images to see if any new possibilities emerge. There's a method to this that appeals to teaching and learning as well.  Reviewing work in order to (re)see represents critical ways to (un)know.  All these images were made across two days, mostly shot out the window of a moving car. The only exception was the surfing image made in Newquay.

Ways to Talk (M.A. Reilly, Stonehenge area, England, 2013)

Light and Shadows (M.A Reilly, Devon,  England, 2013)

One Crow (M.A Reilly, Bath,  England, 2013)

Slope  (M.A Reilly, Devon,  England, 2013)

Green  (M.A Reilly, Oxford,  England, 2013)

Order  (M.A Reilly, Devon,  England, 2013)

Surfing (M.A Reilly, Newquay,  England, 2013)

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