Tuesday, March 22, 2016

#SOL16: Brussels and Silence

One thing I learned watching my husband die is that the will to live is so very, very strong. Today finds me wondering what is it that allows a person to strap on explosives, walk into a crowded public space, and detonate it--all the while knowing your own death and the death of others are certain. I am thinking about this today in light of the terrorist violence that happened earlier in Brussels and how that contrasts so sharply with the months I watched Rob fight for his life.
To chose to live is an act of courage--an act we honor. To kill innocents is no act of martyrdom--it is nothing more than the act of a coward. 

According to The Guardian, "The Brussels government has invited the Belgian population to observe a minute of silence, tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12pm." For those of us living here on the East Coast of the United States that would be 7:00 a.m. EST tomorrow. 

The last gift Rob gave me were some essential oils and a diffuser. He completely surprised me by having them shipped to our home for Valentine's day. They arrived here about the same time Rob came home for hospice care--came home knowing he would die. 

Tomorrow morning a little before 7, I plan to pour some oil into the diffuser, light the tea candle, and sit quietly gathering the silence close and pray for peace and kindness to comfort those whose loved ones were murdered or injured in Brussels. 

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