Sunday, March 27, 2016

#SOL16: After Pennsylvania

Dreaming of Horses Running (M.A. Reilly, 2009)

Below is a poem Rob wrote for me years ago.  He found it again this past December and gave it to me on our 25th wedding anniversary.  A friend recently said to me, you and Rob had such a love story. And she's right we did.

Here's the poem he wrote. I want to share the work, our love, his poem to me and preserve all of that somehow--here in this digital wonderland.

I love you, Rob. No words of mine can capture that quite right. Your words however... 

After Pennsylvania

(for MaryAnn

Shrouded in the deep serenity
of meditative hills
where the music
of winter winds
covers the silence
& I wait
for the future
is a rose
of just this moment
(it unfolds
even as I speak
each petal
a memory
& falls across faraway days
where 2 horses
the brown male nibbles gently
at her white ear
the other side of the fence
her careful eyes lidded white

& I remember the look of you
when you showed me
how you sat
on the counter in your kitchen
& stared down the road
I would be soon
in your arms
but that fence
kept us apart

or the Sunday
as I practiced Zen
& waited for you
& drifted in my study
only to lose all concentration:
every sound
could be you
for me to
& without fence
each other, feed
each other, play

What sounds!
Was that me
laughing like that
& you
did I hear you squeal
as you took
food from my mouth
you fed my heart:

I who have always been
on my way
to something else
have followed this path
of fallen rose petals
to a hill
where I see
2 horses
graze together
in an open field
as I stop to catch
my breath

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