2021 Art

 Art made during 2021.

White Horse (Iceland, December 2022)

Church at Vik (Iceland, December 2022)

Farm (Iceland, December 2022)

#3 Abstract December 2021

Dreaming of Iceland (M.A. Reilly, November, 2021)

In the Night Kitchen (M.A. Reilly, November, 2021)

Composition (M.A. Reilly, November, 2021

Goldfish (M.A. Reilly, November. 2021)

Lakeside (M.A. Reilly, November, 2021)

Concertina Journal Page (November, 2021)

Reassembling Self (acrylic paint, collage papers, ink, stabilo pencil, marker), (November 2021)

#5 (acrylic paint, collage paper, matte medium, pencil), (November, 2021)

E Squared (acrylic paint, pencil, ink, collage papers, matte medium, oil pastel), (August 2021)

Bering Sea  (Original photograph, matte medium, found papers, ink,  Acrylic paint) (August, 2021)

At the Sea Shore (acrylic paint, found paper, matte medium, ink)(August, 2021)

The Road Out of Nome (acrylic paint, original photograph, matte medium, collage papers, ink), (August, 2021)

Coastline (acrylic paint, ink, pencil, found papers, matte medium), (August, 2021)

Home, Again (acrylic paint, original photograph, ink, collage papers, matte medium, charcoal), (August, 2021)

Ladder (acrylic paint, collage papers, matter medium), ( August, 2021)

The Road North (Acrylic paint, charcoal, found papers, matte medium), (August, 2021)

Looking Out to the Bering Sea (acrylic paint, found papers, newspaper, ink

Early Morning Fog (acrylic, ink, matte medium, paper)

Mountain Side (acrylic, ink, papers, matte medium, graphite)

Denali National Park (Acrylic, ink, graphite, papers, matte medium)

At the Cemetery in Nome (acrylic, ink, papers, photograph, matte medium, graphite)

Approaching Denali (acrylic, graphite, ink, paper, matte medium) 

The Road through Denali (acrylic paint, found papers, newspaper, ink, matte medium)

The Land Bridge Across the Bering Sea (acrylic, papers, graphite, matte medium)

Denali National Park, Alaska, July 2021

Shimmer (Kenai Fjords Peninsula, August 2021)

Sailboat (Resurrection Bay, Alaska, August 2021)

Glacier (Kenai Fjords National Park, August, 2021) 

Islands (Kenai Fjords National Park, August, 2021) 

Islands in Fog (Kenai Fjords National Park, August, 2021) 

Fishing (Resurrection Bay, Alaska, August, 2021)

White House (Nome, Alaska, July 2021)

Marsh (Nome, Alaska, July 2021)

Dawn (Cook Inlet, August 2021)

Summer Shack (Nome, Alaska, July 2021)

Mudflats (Cook Inlet, Alaska, July 2021)

Chugach (Chugach, Alaska, August 2021)

Fog (Talkeetna, Alaska, July 2021)

On the Way to Denali (Denali National Park, July, 2021)

Mountain (Chugach State Park, Alaska, July 2021)

4 Panels Concertina Journal  (ink, acrylic paints, found papers, matte medium)

Abstract 3 (acrylic paint, oil pastel, white ink, 

Dreamtime (acrylic, gesso, collage materials, stabilo pencil, white marker, July2021)

Abstract 4 (acrylic, gesso, oil pastels, July 2021) 

4 Panels in Concertina Notebook (acrylic paint, black ink, newspaper, matte medium, LYRA graphite sticks, white marker, July 2021)

Abstract 1 (acrylic paint, oil pastel, June 2021)

Ink on Pin (acrylic paint, oil pastel, matte medium, found papers, June 2021)

A Hopper Morning (May 2021)

Branch Brook Park (April, 2021)

Sisters (Collage, April 2021)

Manhattan Skyline (2021)

Hoboken Clock Tower (March 2021)

Midtown Skyline in Fog (March 2021)

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