Wednesday, March 2, 2016

#SOL16: Stop Thief

Stop (M.A. Reilly, Leonia, 2013)
Today someone ripped off my dying husband. I received a phone call from our bank this morning asking about suspicious charges on my husband's debit card. Apparently someone used the card's number on Rob's debit card to purchase $800 worth of electronics from Fry Store in Tennessee. As we have protection for such matters, we were debited $800 and would receive the return of those funds in a couple of weeks after the 'case' had been investigated.

I called the bank later in the day after I saw online that the explanation for the expense was that "we could not recall making the purchase." I explained that my husband is bed ridden and dying in New Jersey and neither of us has been in Tennessee or online with a Fry store today (or ever) to purchase the electronics. I asked that the funds be restored quickly and the agent helping after 45 minutes said she could not get that done. Imagine my surprise when later I was online on my banking site and saw the credit. I'm not sure what happened but I am grateful.

It's such a indignity to steal from a dying man. 

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