Monday, March 7, 2016

#SOL16: What A Year Brings

Boston (2015)
A year ago, Rob, Devon, and I were in Boston. The city was frigid and snow was piled 5 feet high on the side of the streets. We had gone to attend a Pax East convention. It was a delightful extended weekend. There we got to know some of Devon's friends from school and from Virginia and Connecticut and their families. We were able to meet old friends who now live in New Hampshire for lunch. We were so glad we made the time to take the trip.

What we could not know was it would be the last family trip we would take and that now a mere year later, Devon and I would be watching Rob die. As I write this, Devon is curled up in the chair next to his dad's bed. He has fallen asleep. Quiet time for him to be with his dad.

Dev and his dad (3.7.16)

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