Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sample Guided Literacy Lessons for Emergent, Early & Transitional Readers

I created a collection of sample guided literacy lessons (guided reading, phonics and writing) using Jan Richardson's templates for emergent, early and transitional readers. All of the books are from Lee & Low Book Publishers. Please note these are sample lessons.  You would adjust the lessons to meet the specific needs  of your students.

You can access a pdf or word doc version of the lessons here. (Note: The link will connect you to a Blueprints for Learning Ning I have created for the early literacy project I have designed and am participating in this summer in for a public school system in New Jersey.)

It is the combination of reading, related phonics, and writing in response to the text that helps to strengthen young readers foundational skills.  It is not a matter of choosing one of the three.  Together, the guided reading, letter/sound/word work, and writing helps youngsters:
  • to cross check at points of need, 
  • to develop visual memory of words, 
  • to read fluently, 
  • to problem solve as readers & writers, 
  • to develop inner control of these processes so that they become stronger and more confident readers.

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