Friday, March 4, 2011

What High School Students Want Us to Value Regarding Education

Tweets based on high school students from MHS’s Classics Academy discussing education. Students presented ideas about education during Symposium.  @shklepesch (Scott Klepesch, Supervisor of Instruction) captured the gist of the ideas presented using Twitter (#mhsclassicsacademy ). The students were in the class, Symposium, taught by @mylatinteacher (Mark Gutkowski). Here’s the trasnscript as posted on Twitter. Wondering what you think. 

Expanding vision school environment to include space outside of the building, community is the school #mhsclassicsacademy #schoolenvironment

fostering cross-disciplinary approaches in high school, #mhsclassicsacademy, #interdisciplinary

RT @shklepesch: goals are to offer more classes to address the interests of students, #mhsclassicsacademy, #interest, #passion , #learning

compiling portfolio work over four years of high school, this can be shown to colleges, employers #mhsclassicsacademy, #student portfolios

goals are to offer more classes to address the interests of students, #mhsclassicsacademy, #interest, #passion , #learning
embedding into schedule monthly conferences- time is privileged for students teachers to discuss progress, #mhsclassicsacademy #grading

revise high school grading system- personalized feedback #mhsclassicsacademy, #grading

"If you are ready to graduate- why can't you go and pursue your dreams" #mhsclassicsacademy

@maryannreilly, check out #mhsclassicsacademy, thoughts about what school be like

recommending a reduction is credit requirements to allow more choice, increasing tech and art #mhsclassicsacademy,

"focus on issues of the 21st Century"- "Moving away from grades and standardized testing, #mhsclassicsacademy, #21stcenturylearning

embedding into academies, apprenticeships through work internships, #mhsclassicsacademy, #internships, #mentoringstudents

students could take a half academy, enroll in three instead of 5 core classes, #mhsclassicsacademy

all academies would include a wheel class and work towards reducing class size, #mhsclassicsacademy

passion-based learning through academies, #mhsclassicsacademy, #learning academies

recommending two teacher shifts and moving towards trimesters as opposed to semester, #mhsclassicsacademy, #studentscheduling

recommended goals scheduling, extended school day, later start time, flexibility with time, student designed schedule #mhsclassicsacademy

in Sympodium class for students presentations on education, should be interesting #mhsclassicsacademy


  1. I was privileged to be a guest in this class as well. The presentations by the students were very well done;the students knew what they were talking about and had clearly developed a passion for the topic. As the school media specialist I was able to see opportunities for further collaboration with this class so I felt particularly excited sharing in their enthusiasm. The individuality of each student's processing of the questions posed stood out and it was inspiring to see their thoughtfulness on the topic. Can't wait to spend more time with this class!

  2. Would love to know how you end up supporting the students' thinking Deb.


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