Friday, February 26, 2016

#SOL16: Departing Visions

At the Crypt (M.A. Reilly, 2009)

When Rob asks my older brother, Jack, and me who the young girl in our family room is, we look at him puzzled. It's morning and Rob is awake.

"What girl?" I ask.

"Don't you see her?" he asks, pausing. "She was right there," he adds pointing to where Jack is standing in the family room.

Neither of us have seen the girl.  But here is where the story gets a bit strange. Departing or death-bed visions are not unusual. What I didn't know is that family members may also experience these visions.

Since Rob has returned home, I have seen a quickly moving, yet ill-defined woman cross my sight and disappear down the front hallway of my house several times. The vision happens very quickly, lasting no more than a second or two. At first I thought it was nothing more than eye fatigue. The last time though I had a strong sense of my mother that accompanied this flash of person. Each time it happens it occurs in the same spot. I am sitting in a chair next to Rob's bed in the family room when some ill defined movement compels me to look towards the front hall of the house. And in that quick glance, I think I see something, dressed in white, move out of sight down the hall.

Sometimes it is not with our eyes that we see.


  1. I believe your instincts, and your Mother may be as concerned about you as you are in Rob.She may be just checking in on the both of you-
    My Mother passed about 8 months ago and I have felt her presence a few times since then.Our loved ones never leave us, they just move on until we are ready to join them again.I believe this with all my heart........
    -so many questions, so few answers

    1. Such insight. It had not occurred to me that my mom might be there for me. I am so focused on Rob. Thank you for that.

  2. Mary Ann, in the nightdreams I often see my mother as real as she was before her illness. I have heard from other friends that they have had similar experiences. Our family members are faithful to us even in their heavenly world. May your weekend be filled with peace.

    1. Thank you for writing that Carol. Such a lovely way to say it-- "Our family members are faithful to us even in their heavenly world." Brings me peace.