Gallery: A Year of Sundays

What might a year of Sundays look like? I have been wondering about this for awhile and decided to set myself an assignment. Every Sunday, since the beginning of November, 2010  I have set out early in the morning to make an image of ordinary life.

During the month of November all of the images were made in the early morning and the majority of images were taken in Manhattan, mostly in Harlem. In December images were made in Harlem, midtown Manhattan, Paterson, NJ and Ringwood, NJ. In January, April, May, June, and July the images have been made in in New Jersey, NY State, and Manhattan. In February and March images were made in New Jersey.

Three By The Sea (Avon, NJ) 11.7.10

Spanish Harlem, Sunday Morning  (NYC) 11.14.10
Spanish Harlem, Sunday Morning III (NYC) 11.14.10

The East River (NYC) 11.21.10

Wall Street (NYC) 11.21.10

Church (Harlem, NYC) 11.28.10

God's in the House (Harlem, NYC) 11.28.10

Out Walking (Harlem, NYC) 11.28.10

Sisyphus (Paterson, NJ) 12.5.10

Ain't I a Woman? (Paterson, NJ) 12.5.10
Leaving (Paterson, NJ) 12.5.10
Rain & Light (Ringwood, NJ) 12.12.10

Salvation (Harlem, NYC) 12.19.10

At Rockefeller Center (NYC) 12.19.10

Out Walking, II (Midtown, NYC) 12.19.10

Salvation & Deliverance (Harlem, NYC) 12.19.10

December's End. (Paterson, NJ). 12.26.10

The Apollo (Harlem, NYC) 12.26.10

After Christmas (Harlem, NYC) 12.26.10

Trees in Fog (Paramus, NJ) 1.2.11

Suburbia. (Teaneck, NJ) 1.2.11

And Still the Birds Fly. (Leonia, NJ) 1.2.11

Vacant Space (Harlem, NYC) 1.9.11

As If All Time Was Ours (Washington Square Park, NYC) 1.9.11

Park & 105th (Harlem, NYC) 1.9.11
Warrior (Central Park, NYC) 1.16.11

Sunday in the Park (Central Park, NYC) 1.16.11

Brick City (Paterson) 1.16.11

Three (Central Park, NYC) 1.16.11
Sunlight (Harlem, NYC) 1.16.11
Empty Lot (Harlem, NYC) 1.16.11

Blue Ice (Warwick, NY) 1.23.11

Five Deer in Snow (Harriman State Park, NY) 1.23.11
To Dance (Harriman State Park, NY) 1.23.11

Absence (Ringwood, NJ) 1.30.11

Solitary (Ringwood, NJ) 2.6.11

First Love (Ringwood, NJ) 2.6.11
Raven Moon (Ringwood, NJ) 2.13.11

Waiting for Godot (Paterson, NJ) 2.20.11

Train Crossing (Paterson, NJ) 2.20.11

Paterson (Paterson, NJ) 2.20.11
City by the Sea (Beach Haven, Looking at Atlantic City, NJ) 3.13.11

Heal Camden (Camden, NJ) 3.13.11

Out of Rubble (Camden, NJ) 3.13.11

Moon and Waves (Long Beach Island) 3.20.11 (early in AM)

Clotho (Ringwood, NJ) 3.20.11 (early in AM)
Sudden Flight (Mountainville, NY) 4.17.11

Moon Ascending (Taken from Ringwood, NJ) 4.17.11
Blue Smoke, Round Moon II (taken from Ringwood, NJ) 4.17.11

Follow the Leader (Mountainville, NY) 5.1.11
Sunday. (Ringwood, NJ) 5.15.11

Flight (Ringwood, NJ) 5.15.11
Bloom (Ringwood, NJ) 5.15.11
Moon Rising 5.15.11
Lost in Translation (Ringwood, NJ) 5.22.11
Greenhouse Study I (6.12.11)

Through Spring (6.12.11)
Ravens Talking (6.26.11)
The Falls (Paterson, NJ, July 24, 2011)
Down by the River (Paterson, NJ, July 24, 2011
At the Falls (Paterson, July 24, 2011)
At the Station, Again (Paterson, July 24, 2011)

Morning Light (Deerfield Beach, FL) 8.14.11
The Immensity of the Sea (Pompano Beach, FL) 8.14.11

Silk City (9.4.11, Paterson, NJ)

Aftermath (9.4.11, Paterson, NJ)

Underpass (9.4.11, Paterson, NJ)

Flood Zone (9.11.11, Paterson, NJ)

Neighborhood (9.11.11, Paterson, NJ)

An Impression (10.30.11, Ringwood, NJ)

The Band (11.6.11)