Monday, May 15, 2017

#PoetryBreak: The Main Thing to Know

Grief (Cohen and Reilly, 2016)

The main thing to know
about grief is how lonely it feels,
like an empty boat moored
beneath moonlight.
Here, breath
remains the color
of silence.

When you
finally speak
grief rises
from the ground
like thunder,
like a too-angry god
so loud
you can't hear
your own wings beating.

Even now,
your heart
feels too tender,
too undone
like the bowline
that slips
my hand
to form
this poem.

It is in the making
that you learn
to live


  1. "It is in the making that you learn to live again." I need to remind myself at times that I am indeed living.

    1. Barbara, I write largely to learn and relearn what I keep forgetting.


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