Sunday, March 19, 2017

#SOL17: Mono Print Painting


On Saturday, I took a class in Mono Print Painting taught by Nathalie Kalbach & Birgit Koopsen in Manhattan. We learned the basics of mixed media mono printing by playing with a Gelli Printing plate, acrylic paint, a brayer, and some paper. Diane Ackerman said, "Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning" and I found this to be true during the workshop.  Throughout the day, I simply played with color and image as I learned new art processes.

Below are two pages of prints I made. I imagine I will use portions of these papers in collage work I later do.


Mono Print composition by Werkman. (from here)

Then Birgit demonstrated one technique based on the work of  H.N. Werkman. To create the composition we needed to think about the layers of the work. What is foregrounded in the image we are making? What is directly behind?  What is at the back? And then we needed to create multiple copies of the work on paper, cut out the different elements, and print from the foreground to the background, using masks to conceal already printed images and reveal the portion of the composition that was being printed.

Birgit demonstrating mono print painting

Nathalie then built from that work, demonstrating how she creates a mono print painting using a single masking process. She also showed us how she can alter the print using stamps and stencils. Birgit then showed us how she alters the print using self made tools and we then tried our hand at creating our own stamps.

I love learning new ways of making art and the mono printing composition work was brand new to me. I had never used a gelli plate before and enjoyed learning how to use one.


Here are two examples I composed during the workshop.

(M.A. Reilly, 2017)

(M.A. Reilly, 2017)


  1. Your art with paint, color, composition...your art with thoughts and words...all beautiful and full of meaning. I am glad you are here sharing.

  2. Stunning! I learned so much about you and art from this slice. You are a learner, a risk taker, someone who enjoys playing. And I had no idea the process of art can be so involved. Thanks for sharing your Saturday as a slice!

  3. What a productive, creative outlet for you :)

  4. Beautiful pieces. Also love the line from Ackerman. "Play is our brain's favorite way of learning." Yes!

  5. How I love your work. Are you familiar with Daisy Yellow? I am lost in the art-wanting to replicate it, but I have no idea. Creating certainly feeds the soul.

  6. Interesting. Would love to take such a class. I love to paint and to learn more about artwork. Lucky you!

    1. I don;t often take classes. It was a great treat.

  7. So beautiful. Thank you for explaining.

  8. Fascinating to hear the instructions, and it is fun to learn something new. I know you do different art already, so guess this is a new step? I like looking at both your pieces, enjoy the idea of the double too. Nice going, Mary Ann.

  9. I am impressed by your end products, Mary Ann or maybe I should say I would expect something fantastic to come out of your new learning. I wonder if you will create a poem to accompany these works. If so, please tag me on Twitter so I can have a look.


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