Monday, December 15, 2014

Communal Storytelling/Story Making with Pie Corbett

The Little Red Hen Story Map

In this series of three video we see Pie Corbett showing us how he engages children and adults in communal storytelling and story making. In the first video he demonstrates how he retells the Little Red Hen and we see the children chiming in.

I. Pie Corbett telling the Little Red Hen Story

II.  Talk for Writing - Communual Storytelling
In this second video, Pie Corbett, demonstrates to adults how to tell a communal story, again returning to the Little Red Hen.

III. Making a Story Map/Innovating a Story with Year 3 

In this video, we see Pie Corbett create a story map for The Three Little Pigs.  Next he engages the students in changing the text by innovating.

IV.  Magpying 
In this video, Pie explains why keeping a writing journal is important.

You can read/view more about Pie's work here:
Pie Corbett's Web Page
More videos (on teaching grammar and syntax)
Talk for Writing
Pie Corbett videos on Pinterest

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