Thursday, July 24, 2014

Slideshow - 60 Days: Collage Journal 2014

Become (Other)Wise
Who Will Protect the Children?
More than 100 Children
For the last 6o days I have created a collage each day based on my reading of the news--most often sourced from The New York Times. This work is part of a series of collage journals I have kept that were first inspired by the art of Peter Jacobs beginning in 2012. Jacobs has kept a collage journal since 2005.

The art is created though traditional collage methods and digital.  I prepare substrates using newspaper, newspaper images, gesso, pan pastels, acrylic paint, watercolor, watercolor paper, and other found papers. I then import these substrates for use each day and remix these with images from The New York Times.  The finished collage is my take on that days news.

I could not agree more with Jacobs who writes:

“The Collage Journal has become integrated in my daily life as a meditation, contemplation and re-evaluation of culture and identity.”
The slideshow below represents the last 60 days of news.

Music: Bernard Labadie, Les Violons du Roy & Alexandre Tharaud, "Keyboard Concerto in D Minor"


  1. Great post and very touching all these headlines, which should put us to reflect society and especially politicians, is remarkable collateral damage (innocent people) of many conflicts in the world in one form or another will continue because they are not keeping actions allow long-term solution

    1. It's been an atrocious 60 days of fighting and killing in the world. Daily prayers for peace, Daymond.


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