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Electronic Resources for Reader's Workshop K-5: Just a Click Away

I'll be working with a school system next week and decided to post the resources that are electronic.
Kindergarteners involved in a concept sort. (Newark, NJ)

Reading Workshop

Favorite Videos

My Favorite Videos that Show Teaching and Student Learning during workshop:

1. Michelle Damiano: Grade 1, urban public school in NJ. This video captures the integrity and learning of first graders.  Great example of how the teacher scaffolds learning. Taped in spring of first grade (early April).

2. Illustrating thinking partners (Knee-to-knee, turn and talk) with Linda Hoyt

3. Rick's Reading Workshop (Overview) (Upper grades)

4. Rick's Reading Workshop: One to One

5. Jennifer Serravallo's Goal Setting Conference with student

6. Rick's Reading Workshop Amori's Reading Goal (Grade 5)

A few others...

Lucy Calkin's explanation of reader's workshop: General Overview

Andrea Smith's video with her 4th graders using notebook for content learning.
Aimee Buckner's video conferring with 4th grader about comprehension and vocab
Aimee Buckner's video conferring about how to track characters

2nd grader flashlight reading  (Newark, NJ)

Some General Information and Resources

  1. Website with a collection of links to info about reader's workshop.
  2. Choice Literacy: A really fabulous website with lots of information about teaching reading and writing. I'd recommend joining if you can afford to do so ($99 annual fee).
  3. Maggie Moon's handout from NESA conference (2012)
  4. Lee Summit  School District Website of links 
  5. Frank Serafini's Reading Workshop & Web 2.0  and his blog
  6. Claudia Ann Katz's Scaffolded Independent Reading handout.
  7. Reading Rocket's Reconsidering Silent Reading
  8. Freddy Hiebert's The Forgotten Reading Project Stamina in Silent Reading
  9. Launching the first 2 days of RW
  10. First 20 days from revisiting Reading Workshop
  11. Jennifer Myers: Living the Life of a Reader and Writer (Video of her classroom. Conferring examples are interesting)
  12. Watch Know Learn website (Video)
  13. From Kleinispirations: Mini-Lessons, mentor texts
  14. My e-reading books by grade level. Downloadable from iTunes. Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 1.2, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, K-3, Reading, Centers & Technology
  15. Maureen Devlin's Launching Plan (Post)

Recommended Professional Readings

Goal Setting

Cathy Mere's Goal setting in Reading and Writing Workshop (Blog post)

2nd grader responding to a book about climbing Mt. Everest. (Newark, NJ)

Reader's Notebooks

Reading notebook samples from TC.
Reader's Notebook (handouts) from workshop/institute via the work of Aimee Buckner.
Reader's Notebook sample pages (Pdf)


A Literate Life (Julie Ballew): A PreK-5 literacy Coach from Texas.  Her blog is loaded with wonderful examples of student work including pages from K-5 students' reading notebooks, writer's notebooks, samples of anchor charts, sample minilessons.  she is quote generous as she allows downloads from her blog.

Cafe 1123 (Mrs. Hamilton): Good example of how she established her own reader's notebook, writer's notebook, and some uses of tech.

Beth Newingham: Grade 3 teacher. She has a blog and it is cross-referenced on Scholastic. Link to Reading workshop. Link to video of reading workshop in Beth's classroom.

Leach Teach (Melissa Leach):  Post about how she established a reader's notebook including timeline.

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