Thursday, August 15, 2013

Arno River

On the Arno (M.A. Reilly,  2013,  Florence,  Italy)

A few images from Florence made alongside the Arno River and it's bridges.

Bridge Study  II (M.A. Reilly,  2013,  Florence,  Italy)

Bridge Study  I (M.A. Reilly,  2013,  Florence,  Italy)

Bridge Study  III (M.A. Reilly,  2013,  Florence,  Italy)

Bridge Study  IV (M.A. Reilly,  2013,  Florence,  Italy)


  1. so wonderful ! We don't remember the Arno being that still.

  2. Wonderful pictures of Arno river, nice memories. Watch a video in Youtube at
    Read also article about Florence, alongside the Arno river in


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