Monday, November 7, 2011

Pardigmatic Shift: Above and Beyond

Take a look at this and I am curious what you think.


  1. very cool parable for our educational times.

  2. Yes I thought so too. Was shared earlier in the day.

  3. I have very mixed feelings about this story, perhaps because I don't come from education and so am wearing a different pair of lenses. On the very positive side, I saw a story of synergy between strategic and operational models and skills, where the 1+1=3 metaphor is obvious. However, there was a definite tone that the strategic capability was of greater value: the visionary, as it were, led the operational expert. In fact, that's not really the way it works: operational responses to changing conditions can often lead to new visions as well. The implication that rule breakers are somehow more valuable than rule followers just didn't sit quite right with me... and isn't, I think (getting back to education) necessarily a subtext we would want to teach young children. Thoughts?

  4. Hadn't considered that subtext, Michael but I can see how it could be read as such. Agree that 'operational responses to changing conditions can often lead to new visions as well'. The take away for me wasn;t their roles as much as the space to be the role. I see compliance being privileged above the messiness of innovation and failure. This is a time when being safe is overly valued.

    Appreciate the direction you took this.


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