Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Exploring Lines of Flight at School (and Not)

Lines of flight represent the creative impulses we compose while thinking and doing that offer a seemingly novel way to disrupt concepts cast as dualities. In fact, one might argue that it is the duality that may at first spark the line of flight: a way of moving beyond what is given to explore what might be.  I have been trying to conceptualize lines of flight within rhizomatic learning spaces. Even in the cognitively active classroom where learners are engaged in complex thinking and there is heightened neighbor interactions, the lines of flight beyond the purview of the classrooms and the lesson can be awesome, hard to discern, not in view, never privileged.

Heat out the window.

A 4th dimension inside our 3D world we can't discern.

So what to make us this?

Some things I am wondering and hope you might chime in on:

  1. How do we attend to the creative impulses of learners that occur outside the domain of the school and challenge binary ways of knowing--ways we might well be situating as truth ? 
  2. What types of environmental and pedagogical considerations might be necessary in order to leverage/cull/come to know such thinking?
  3. How might we 'carefully' come to know and invite in (if possible) these lines of flight within the classroom and/or the 'sanctioned' learning? 
  4. How often do we stop and acknowledge how little we know about our learners' learning lives beyond our purview?
  5. How might lines of flight de/colonize classrooms?
  6. How do lines of flight engender inquiry as opposed to categorization?
  7. All knowing is constructed. How do lines of flight offer us a method to reduce our binary ways of knowing that may overpopulate a classroom?

Thinking About Lines of Flight (Reilly, 2011)


I am a bit lost in this. A preferable place to be.


  1. loving this Mary Ann.
    loving that you're lost in it.
    loving that you're preferring that lostness.

    as with people.. labeling spaces can be crippling. imagine labels decreasing as we are open to more possibilities. until we just are.

    and we trust that.


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