Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thinking About City as Floorplan

Trying to find home (2011)
I've been thinking about dwelling (place and intention) as a metaphor for learning and perhaps a new metaphor to replace schooling, and worked on the image above for awhile, finishing it today.  I've been wondering about the need for home.  After I finished, I followed a tweet by that took me to Monkia Hardy's city as floorplan.  There are no coincidences.

Monika asks,
"What if school's setting were life,
and kids were working
on health,

Monika tells us that kids, you, me, all of us are "craving work that matters."

Boy does that stop me.  Isn't that a source that explains
why I shift

Perhaps you too?

Now, imagine schools as community places where craving work that matters is the norm, not the exception. Imagine a s/place where learning is not one direction (input, output), but rather is rhizomatic, where being in the middle of possibilities is the new definition of school.

You know you're at school when... you're home, at the supermarket, in the park, at a reservoir, skating, skyped in with x and y, at city hall, in the library, at a performance space, on the street...

Go ahead: Take some time to really look at Monika's city as floorplan.  Follow the links.


Think rhizomes, not trees of knowledge.

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