Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Call for Submissions for New Progressive Education Journal: (Re):Mix

Updated Information

I am pleased to announce the arrival of a new progressive education journal, (Re):Mix - A Transnational Journal of Artful Teaching & Learning (Re):Mix seeks to explore, question, (re)present and challenge depictions of teaching and learning in order to uncover the emerging complexity of artful practice. At a time when teaching, leading, and learning are often situated as simple input-output models, this journal seeks to challenge that understanding by showcasing and juxtaposing works that illustrate artful practices by learners.

(Re):Mix is an on-line, open access journal. Print copies will be available at a cost.

Call for Submissions: Issue 1: Exploring Uncertainty within Artful Practice

For this issue, contributors are asked to consider how uncertainty is elemental to the artful practice of teaching, leading, and learning. Contributors are invited to submit written and visual works (single images and visual essays) that explore, question, (re)present and challenge the idea of uncertainty being a necessary element inherent in artful practices.

Some questions to consider might include:

  • What does uncertainty look and/or sound like in your work?
  • How does uncertainty influence the work you do as a student, teacher, administrator, activist, mentor?  
  • How does meaning emerge in your work?
  • What conditions give rise to uncertainty? What conditions inhibit uncertainty?
  • What does it mean to be uncertain as a teacher? As a leader? As a learner?
  • How do you privilege uncertainty in your work, in colleagues' work, and/or in students' work? 
  • Is there a cost to being uncertain?

All who are interested in submitting work for this issue should do so by emailing written (word documents) and/or visual works (please save as jpg) to: no later than September 5, 2011. Please indicate the issue in the subject line of your email.  Any questions may be directed to me at the same email.

Submission of Artwork:

1. Email jpg images to

EMAIL and Twitter contact (if you have one)
3. Include title of work(s) submitted
4. Indicate if your submission is only for cover consideration or if it can be used in the journal.
5. Submit work no later than September 5, 2011.

I look forward to exploring this topic with you and learning from you.

Mary Ann Reilly

A mock up of a possible cover to issue 1.


  1. Uncertainty to me means the opportunity to learn something new ... it means asking a question that I never even knew existed :-) love ...

  2. Thanks Ally. Look forward to you expanding that idea perhaps and submitting work to the journal?

  3. Hi Mary Ann. I will be interested to see what comes out of this. As educators of adults my colleagues and I have been exploring using visuals more often particularly with people with poor literacy and numeracy skills.Good luck with the project.
    Alan (athex)

  4. Mary Ann,
    I am already looking forward to the first issue. You really keep me thinking!


  5. @Cathy I hope you will consider submitting work. Would love to add your voice.

  6. just stumbled on this blog while looking for ones that relate to progressive education. Great posts and ideas.

  7. Glad you found my blog. Hope you will continue to read it and comment.


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