Saturday, April 30, 2011

Submissions Sought: Call for Cover Art

This is the mock up of the cover for the first issue of (Re):Mix:  A Transnational Journal of Artful Teaching and Learning. I am looking to replace the cover image with an image you submit.

Call for Submissions: Issue 1: Exploring Uncertainty within Artful Practice

For this issue, contributors are asked to consider how uncertainty is elemental to the artful practice of teaching, leading, and learning. Contributors are invited to submit written and visual works that explore, question, (re)present and challenge the idea of uncertainty being a necessary element inherent in artful practices.

Some questions to consider might include:

  • What does uncertainty look and/or sound like in your work?
  • How does uncertainty influence the work you do?  
  • How does meaning emerge in your work?
  • What conditions give rise to uncertainty? What conditions inhibit uncertainty?
  • What does it mean to be uncertain as a teacher? As a leader? As a learner?
  • How do you privilege uncertainty in your work, in colleagues' work, and/or in students' work? 
  • Is there a cost to being uncertain?
Submission of Artwork:

1. Email jpg images to
EMAIL and Twitter contact (if you have one)
3. Include title of work(s) submitted
4. Indicate if your submission is only for cover consideration o can be used in the journal.
5. Submit work no later than June 15, 2011.

About the Journal
(Re):Mix - A Transnational Journal of Artful Teaching & Learning (Re):Mix
seeks to explore, question, (re)present and challenge depictions of teaching and learning in order to uncover the emerging complexity of artful practice. At a time when teaching, leading, and learning are often situated as simple input-output models, this journal seeks to challenge that understanding by showcasing and juxtaposing works that illustrate artful practices by learners.

(Re):Mix is an on-line, open access journal. Print copies will be available at a cost. Art and written work remain owned by the artist/writer.

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