Thursday, January 27, 2011

13 Ways of Looking at Snow

It has been a snowy winter.  These 13 images are different ways of looking at snow. I  made these images during the month of January (2011).

January (Leonia, NJ 1.2.11)

Snow is Fleeting (Ringwood, NJ, 1.26.11)

Snow is Silence (Morristown, NJ, 1.26.11)

Five Deer in Snow (Harriman State Park, NY 1.23.11)

Empty Lot (Harlem, NYC, 1.16.11)

Brick City (Paterson, NJ 1.16.11)
105th and Park (NYC, 1.9.11)

The Distance Between (Mountainville, NY, 1.8.11)

Willows (Mountainville, NY, 1.8.11)

Trio (Manhattan, NYC. 1.16.11)

And Still the Birds Came (Leonia, NJ 1.2.11)

Suburbia (Teaneck, NJ 1.2.11)

Posted (Leonia, NJ 1.2.11)


  1. They are all beautiful, but my favourite has to be "Snow is silence"!

  2. Thanks Catherine. There is a cemetery just down the street from my office. Some days I try to visit there early in the morning. A beautiful place.

  3. The Distance between is my fav.

  4. Thanks for letting me know Chris. That image was made in NY state after hiking about in high snow for several hours. A beautiful place.


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