#100 Day Project Creativity -2017, Part 3, Days 51-75

I am participating in the #100DayProject Creativity. Each day for no more than 20 minutes I will compose a face. To do this I might sketch, paint, collage, photograph, and/or digitally compose. I will be posting the image, date, media on the page. In 2014, I spent 100 days making a collage a day based on the news--most often from the New York Times. (You can see that project here and here) .

Below are Days 51-75.

Day 74 (acrylic, pencil, collage materials, Tombow markers, digital remix, 6.13.17)

Day 73 (acrylic, pencil, digital remix, 6.12.17)

Day 72 (Acrylic, ink, marker, digital remix, 6.11.17)

Day 71   (Acrylic, pencil, marker, Tombow markers, 6.10.17)
Day 70  (Acrylic, pencil, Tombow Markers, 6.9.17)

Day 69  (Acrylic, pencil, Tombow markers, 6.8.17)

Day 68 (Acrylic, pencil, ink, 6.7.17)

Day 67 (watercolor, Stabilo pencil, 6.6.17)

Day 66 (watercolor, pencil, 6.5.17)

Day 65 (watercolor, pencil, 6.4.17)

Forgive Yourself - Day 64 (acrylic paint, gesso, pencil, Tombow markers, digital remix, 6.3.17)

Earth Weeps  - Day 63 (acrylic paint, Tombow markers, pencil, 6.2.17)

Day 62 (Tissue paper, gesso, gel medium, stabilo pencil, acrylic paint, Tombow markers, white marker, 6.1.17) 

Day 61(gelli plate printing, acrylic, Stabilo pencil, digital remix, 5.31.17)

Day 60(acrylic, Stabilo pencil, Tombow markers, digital remix, 5.30.17)

Day 59 (acrylic, Stabilo pencil, Tombow markers, digital remix, 5.29.17)
Day 58, (charcoal, acrylic, Stabilo pencil, digital remix, 5.28.17)

Day 57 (acrylic, Stabilo pencil, Tombow markers, netting, 5.27.17)

Day 56 (acrylic, Stabilo pencil, tissue paper, 5.26.17)

Day 55 (acrylic, Stabilo pencil, Tombow Markers 5.25.17)

Day 54 (acrylic, Stabilo pencil, digital remix, 5.24.17)

Day 53 (acrylic, Stabilo pencil, collage materials, 5.23.17)

Day 52 (acrylic, Stabilo pencil, collage materials, 5.22.17)

Day 51 (acrylic,  markers, ink, Stabilo pencil 5.21.17)

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