Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rhizomes - This Is Pushing My Thinking

Screenshot from Rhizomes by Marc

I stumbled across this slideshare by Marc while (re)turning/delving/wading in the stream/avoiding while finding middles of things/leaping into topics/discussions/questions about 
a vanishing point in a line of flight.

I  had queried rhizomes.  

House by the Tracks (Reilly, 2008)
I am keen to conceptualize what a vanishing point in a line of flight might mean and to whom and in what named context. 

I'm not satisfied to understand this as an abstraction--a(re)reading of Deleuze & Company. 

I want to be able to layer an understanding of this on to something I make as I think it is important for reasons I cannot name, today.  

In the Middle (Reilly, 2014)
(And here in that small space of tacit knowing, I want to eventually say something about standards and how they define us as they doom us. No hyperbole intended.)

I don't know why this is pulling at me, but I trust that there is something here/there/undisclosed I need to learn/unlearn/relearn/abandon/soak up/ignore.

Well you know how that goes, and not.

This slideshow caught my eye.  

Perhaps it will interest you too.


  1. Very poetic/scientific in a new-paradigm kind of way. At once, evocative and thought provoking. I am also interested in the intellectual and poetic aspects of aesthetic practice. Thanks, Mary Ann.

    1. Thanks Tullio. Plan to do some reading, talking. Hope to write more.


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