Thursday, July 10, 2014

From a Place: Fragments VII

Sunflower (M.A. Reilly, 2013, Hipstamatic)

From a Place: Fragments VII

by Margaret Atwood
An other sense tugs at us: 
we have lost something, 
some key to these things 
which must be writings 
and are locked against us 
or perhaps (like a potential 
mine, unknown vein 
of metal in the rock) 
something not lost or hidden 
but just not found yet
that informs, 
holds together this confusion, 
this largeness and dissolving:
not above or behind 
or within it, but one 
with it: an
something too huge and simple 
for us to see.


  1. You convey what I hope for. It is a slippery thing, who we are. To easily confused or corrupted.

  2. Terrific mentor and shared reading text, Mary Ann. I've added the poem to the #cyberpd book list padlet.


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