Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Digital Composing Resources for Primary Grade Teachers

2nd Graders' Blogs on KidBlog (Newark, NJ)

I. Oral Language [Audio/Single Image for Storytelling, Recounting]

AudioBoo (free)

Narrable (free) Narrated Slideshow.

A storytelling platform that is free and easy to use.
Allows you to connect a series of single images and narrate a story, recount information, be persuasive, express an opinion.

Tell About This (2.99 Great for very young children)

Provides prompts for children to tell about.  You can also create your own prompts. I like this for center use after children have learned how to use the app.

 (See Write About This too)

II. Drawing & Design

Sago Mini Doodlecast (2.99)

This screencasting app allows children to draw and narrate while drawing and then share their screencast with others. Simple to use.

A Homage to Jaws from Small But Kinda Mighty ( here. )

Felt Board App (2.99)
Felt Board - Mother Goose on the Loose (Free)

Patterned after the original felt board, this digital version allows children to tell and retell stories by selecting and arranging felt objects and placing them into different environments.

III. Writing


2nd Grader's Response to Read  Aloud Book on Kidblog (Newark, NJ)

A blogging platform designed for teachers and students. 


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