Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I live over here - A DIY App & a Process Heading Your Way

Want to be inspired? Wondering what happens when collaboration happens at the production level?

from here.
Check out the iPhone app that @HeidiSiwak @ianchia (from Being Prudence) and the sixth graders in Class 62 at Dundas Central Public School are producing. You can read about the project here: I live over here - a DIY app.

What is equally exciting though is that the processes that Heidi, her students and Ian are inventing and learning may well inform an app that you and I can make use of with our students.  Ian explains:
Our hope is that we all learn from each other, and potentially create an extension of this app so that we can open the system up to other classrooms around the world from 3rd graders upwards to middle school and high school students. We can imagine an app that allows many classrooms to create their own content, and download the contributions from other classes of children and youth from around the world. Ideally - the app would have a body of creative-commons licenced curriculum behind it for many grade levels, so that we can open up participation for learners of multiple ages.


  1. Thank you so much Mary Ann for sharing our work on your blog. I have never in all my years of teaching experienced anything equivalent to what transpired over the course of this project. It has been a fantastic journey. I can't thank the remarkable Ian Chia enough for inviting us to be a part of his vision and I hope many teachers will seize this opportunity to explore learning in new ways.


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