Monday, October 31, 2011

The Emergence of Color: A Photo Essay

On Saturday, October 29, 2011 a major snow storm dropped a foot of snow. As the trees were still heavy with leaves, the weight of the snow and the winds caused many limbs and whole trees to snap, taking with them many, many wires. I watched the storm rise up, caught some of it through the lens, as well as the aftermath. The story that emerged was one of color.

I. The Storm 

Snow Falling (Ringwood, NJ)
Snow Falling II (Ringwood, NJ)

Snow Falling III (Ringwood, NJ)
Snow Falling IV (Ringwood, NJ)

II. The Days Following the Storm

Impression (Ringwood, NJ)
In Flight (Ringwood, NJ)

Into Fog (Ringwood, NJ)
Briar (Warwick, NY)
Color Rising (Ringwood, NJ)

Autumn (Ringwood, NJ)
Vertical (West Milford, NJ)


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