Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I Am Reading

Happiness is the Longing for Repetition. Image by M.A. Reilly

I always have a few books going.  Here's what I am reading currently:

1. bell hook's Art on my mind: Visual politics
2. W.J. T. Mitchell's Iconology: Image, Text, Ideology
3. Douglas Rushkoff's Program or be Programmed
4. Peter Taubman's Teaching by Numbers: Deconstructing the discourse of Standards and Accountability in Education

5. Adrienne Rich's essay, Poetry and Commitment

6.  (Just read this)
The Future of ThinkingThe Future of Thinking
Learning Institutions in a Digital Age
Cathy N. Davidson and David Theo Goldberg

Quest to Learn
Developing the School for Digital Kids
Katie Salen, Robert Torres, Loretta Wolozin, Rebecca Rufo-Tepper and Arana Shapiro


Digital Media and Technology in Afterschool Programs, Libraries, and MuseumsDigital Media and Technology in Afterschool Programs, Libraries, and Museums
Becky Herr-Stephenson, Diana Rhoten, Dan Perkel and Christo Sims
An investigation of how three kinds of youth organizations have integrated digital practices into their programs.

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