Wednesday, April 12, 2017

#SOL17: Facing the Face - 100 Day Project

Day 8: 4.11.17 (6B pencil, stabilo pencil, gesso, white marker, digital remix)

Everyone is in the best seat. - John Cage

I am participating in the #100DayProject Creativity and have completed the first week. Each day for no more than 20 minutes I compose a face. I want to study faces and figured that drawing or painting one each day might help me to see differently and to take more chances. Somedays I sketch, mostly I paint, and eventually I imagine that I will collage and photograph. I sometimes alter the images made slightly (or a lot depending on my mood) digitally. 

I have been learning as I compose each day--about drawing and painting faces and more. Felix Scheinger in Urban Watercolor Sketching: A Guide to Drawing, Painting, and Storytelling writes, "All too often we paint things only as we imagine them to be and not as we experience them from observation"(Kindle Locations 829-830). I think about the truth of that statement and how it can also be true in other life situations. Want is a powerful force--as is studying and seeing more objectively.

Some thoughts as I continue in this project:

  1. Isolating sections of a face and naming the shape helps me to better draw.
  2. Small adjustments to a line or shadow can make large differences.
  3. Sometimes my hand just does not want to cooperate.
  4. Constraint, such as time, pushes me to finish a work. 
  5. Posting a work each day is brave. 
  6. A 100 day study feels like an indulgence.
  7. I enjoy playing with many styles and have yet to cultivate my own signature. I wonder if I will.
  8. I love composing with ink, pencil, paint and words.

I have been posting the image, date, media on a separate page on my blogThe first week of images are below.

Day 1: 4.5.17. (Stabilo pencil, acrylic paint, sharpie paint marker white)

Day 2: 4.6.17 (Stabilo pencil, watercolor, ink, on watercolor paper)

Day 3: 4.7.17 (pencil, watercolor, gesso, digital remix, newspaper)

Day 4: (Acrylic paint, stabilo pencil, white marker) 
Day 5: (4.9.17, stabilo pencil, watercolor on piece
of deli paper - I had wiped paint on it)

Day 6: (4.10.17, gesso, acrylic paint, pencil, stabilo pencil, digital remix)

Day 7: (4.11.17, watercolor, pencil, stabilo pencil, digital remix)

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