Monday, April 10, 2017

#Poetry Break: The Green Bowls

Detail from an art conversation (M.A. Reilly, 2007)

The Green Bowls 

 - Sjohnna McCray

My lover bought me green bowls. I had none.
Green or otherwise. I served dessert on
saucers and never had more than one guest.
Later, he brought two irregular spoons.
Long, with a tiny scoop. He didn’t know
these were properly used to stir iced tea.
I didn’t mind. We sat on my futon
waving the wands, eating small bits of pie.
The pie seems to last much longer. When he
unwrapped two plates, the same shade as the bowls,
I knew I was in love but would have to
cook. We stood over the kitchen counter
as if taken by surprise. Centered in sheets
of newsprint lay not ordinary plates,
but a new shape entering our lives.

from: McCray, Sjohnna. Rapture: Poems. Minnesota: Graywolf Press. 


  1. What medium is your art work...layers of oil? Acrylic? I do not have an art background, but I dabble (poorly, at times.)

    1. This image above is nothing more than wet finger paint. It is part if a nonverbal discussion between two fifth graders in NY.

    2. It is great. I love the colors and the flow.


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