Monday, April 30, 2012

Imagining A yo Z: Z is for Zooming Past the End

Keeping Watch (M.A. Reilly, April, 2012, Plymouth, England)

Z is for Zooming Past the End

I like to experiment and did so with this A to Z blogging challenge.  I wanted to write about imagination and thought the constraint of the alphabet and the use of verbs would help me to think.Out of that work, the idea of being a verb emerged and I think it is a big idea and I'm glad I had time to explore it.

In other ways though, the constraint of writing about a single topic for a month, has been a drag.  It has kept me from writing frequently about topics closer to my heart, and ones that emerge alongside living.  So with this lesson in mind, I bid farewell to A to Z blogging and return to my regular blog.

Thanks for taking time to stop in and view and now it's back to living and writing and making art. To get myself started below is a slideshow of images I made,mostly with my iPhone while in England last week.

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