Friday, April 27, 2012

Imagining A to Z: X is for X-ray Intentions

X is for X-Ray Intentions

Reproduction (M.A. Reilly, 2011)

  “Never believe that smooth space will suffer to save us." D & G ATP.

Well this has been a week for interrogating intentions--getting beneath the surface so to speak and seeing what lurks there.  At PELeCON 12, Simon Finch (@sinfin) presented a keynote and used the film below.  Take a look.

So it has me wondering about how much I am willing to sell out myself--sell out what I deeply believe, sell out you and your children, or my own child--in order to secure or keep a job, or to be promoted? What's the price for economic security? 

The world depicted in the video is one that maintains its power by ensuring that it has no free thinkers, just followers.  It's a world I think we are coming to know--at least those of us who can still think, can still recall.

There can be no imagination inside a machine, be it a war machine or a school machine. The machine requires reproduction of an already established norm.  It's at best, a track one follows--a track one must follow. To release the imagination requires agency, self will, desire.  Allow yourself to be placed inside a box by being untrue to what you believe, and what you create will only be a simulacrum: a copy for which there is no original.

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