Monday, December 12, 2011

Because Story Matters: Meet Elliot Baxter

Zaji Zabalerio, a film maker (Zesty Productions), is developing an interesting series of film shorts about Elliot Baxter, a high school student, slightly out of focus with at least some of his peers. What caught my eye (and held it) are all the large spaces Zabalerio composes in the work: spaces large enough to wander about, get lost, remember.

And isn't that the function of a well told story?  The invitation to wander?

Baxter is played by Rob Carroll.  Both Zabalerio and Carroll are students at Morristown high School in Morristown, NJ.

Take a look at the first installment.


  1. yes. invitation needs to be accompanied by spaces large enough to wander in...and out

  2. I thought the film was inspiring. Tight, well done.


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