Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Video Examples of Transmediation

I found this video posted on The EZ Fix.

It is an excellent example of transmediation: A mixture of image, sound, and word used to convey experience.

I also have enjoyed the visual and musical combination as shown in this video.  The artist is Ferenc Cakó
and the music by Vivaldi is Four Seasons as conducted by Lamberto Gardelli. There are other examples of Cakó's work via YouTube.

In this video, students in Mr. Wright's creative writing class at the Academic Magnet High School in North Charleston, South Carolina wrote six word memoirs and coupled these with still images and a musical score. Works well.

In this Sesame Street video, music by Philip Glass is paired with geometric shapes.

Artist John Baldessari describes his creative process. Part of the Voice of the Photography series created for the Annenberg Space for Photography inaugural exhibit L8S ANG3LES. (March - July, 2009). I included this interview as samples of his work involve word and image combined.

Unchopping a Tree, part of Maya Lin's last memorial entitled What is Missing?, debuted at COP15 during the Support REDD+ events sponsored by the Coalition for Rainforest Nations rainforestcoalition.org/eng/. It was produced by @radical.media. Music was donated by Brian Eno and Brian Loucks. Interesting mixture of images, words and sound.

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