Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Remix as Composition: Getting Past the 1950s

When I peruse the Common Core Standards for ELA, I can't seem to find the word, remix or the word, bricolage. I find this odd, a bit off putting as remix, a form of bricolage, is an important art form.  Remix is composing and a method we surely want learners to know about, experience, and try their hands at. 

As a mom, I want my child to learn how to remix work in order to create an original piece.  I realize it will be years before the USDOE, state departments of education, Pearson, Achieve and the other non-trend setters even begin to recognize remix as composing, but we shouldn't wait for them.  They reify a past our children cannot afford.

In this video ReMix, Breakdown, a political work remixes film footage.  Give the debt crisis  chatter I can;t help but wonder if this isn't a film for our times. 

The blurb reads:
Remixed by Kasumi: Ever wonder what a condensed, psychedelic version of Michael Moore's "Capitalism a Love Story" would look and sound like? See what the Vimeo Best Remix award-winner says about the right-wing Capitalist lying machine in "BREAKDOWN the remix." THE NEW YORK TIMES called BREAKDOWN, a satirical look at the military-industrial complex, "an uproarious bricolage of alien-invasion panic, financial distress, military might and patriotic sentiment." This is a shorter remix of BREAKDOWN the video - and winner of the Vimeo Remix Awards.

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