Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Independent Project: An Alternative within a High School

So after I posted the video about the Independent Projects, @nancyHeleterman sent me a link that showcased one of the student's projects.  Here is Robert Adler's film.

Thanks to @SethLeavitt who had tweeted this March 20.  Seth and I recently began following one another and I was checking out the tweets he had sent and saw this.

To learn more about this project:

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  1. I like how the video at one point alludes to the fact that high-performing students can also be de-motivated and lost. We assume that since they are achieving at or above potential (and therefore happy) simply based on their report cards or stnd'zd test scores... the truth is that many can't wait for their last math or history class to conclude so that they can get on with what truly motivates them. Some likely feel so trapped by the system they simply "play the game" through college and career. Could authentic and accountable choice impact this cycle? Certainly seems a small risk to me... Bruce


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