Monday, June 27, 2011


Reservoir II
Today after purchasing an iPhone, I immediately downloaded the Hipstamatic App, for $1.99.  I have shot with a Holga camera (plastic toy camera) for several years, but have lately had a lot of trouble finding a place to process the film correctly.  The Hisptamatic app transforms the iPhone into a plastic camera.  It allows you to interchange different lenses, types of film, and flashes.

I am including in this post, the first images I made on my iPhone using the Hipstamatic App. I recommend this app for all.  It would be ideal for a classroom set of new iPods or iPad2s as well.

The Beginning of Sorrow
Reservoir I


  1. Looks as if it was a fun and eventful day.

  2. It was great. Think I could become addicted to this:)

  3. I am completely addicted to the Hipstamatic app. I take all of my pictures with my iPhone, and since downloading this app, it's the only way I take pictures anymore. I think I need to download the extra packs of lenses and film to create more effects. Can't wait to use this at the beach next week.

  4. I'm not much of a photographer, but I really like the shots you post. These are all pretty amazing. I don't care what app you used. :)

    Building Castles on the Beach

  5. Let me know Amy how you like the other packets if you purchase them. I am enjoying it. Imagine this app could be really cool with iPod touches (that have a camera)in clasrooms. A powerful composing tool.

  6. Thanks Brent. I do love making images and this app is now my new favorite "toy" . Appreciate your kind words:)


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