Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Exploring Photography Apps: A Few Examples

In this post I want to highlight a few photography apps that I have been playing with:
  • Wordfoto App
  • 100Cameras App
  • Hipstamatic App
  • uSketch App
  • PhotoTropedelic Ap
  • CameraBag App
  • Lo-Mod App
Most of the images I altered were ones that I originally made using a Nikon camera (D80 and D300).  I then altered the images using apps.  The only exception are images tagged Hipstamtic App.  These images were taken using an iPhone and the Hipstamatic App.  This app changes the iPhone into a plastic camera.

I would recommend all of these apps.

"Interior"(2011). Taken with iPhone using the Hipstamtic App.

"Kara" (2011). Altered using the Lo-Mob App.

"Lane" (2011).  Altered using the Lo-Mob App.

"In the Moment" (2010). Altered using Lo-Mob App.

"Finding Eden" (2011).  Altered using Lo-Mob App.

"Homeless in New York" (2009). Altered using uSketch App
"The Proposal" (2010). Altered using 100Cameras App.

"The Proposal" (2010). Altered using PhotoTropedelic App.

"The Constancy of Waves" (2010). Altered using 100Cameras App.

"Mark" (2011). Altered using Lo-Mob App.

At the Beach (2009). Altered using CameraBag App.

Harry Teaching (2010).  Image altered with WordFoto App

Reservoir II (2011). Taken with iPhone using the Hipstamtic App.

This is an animoto film I made using the images made during the last few days.


  1. I LOVE these photos--they are great fun! Great mood in the animoto, too. Super!

  2. Thanks Nancy. A lot of fun to make.

  3. I'd also add Instagram! GREAT app, easy allows people to connect and follow other Instagram users - think Twitter + Tumblr for iPhoneography enthusiasts.

  4. Thanks, I have seen Instagram, but hadn't used it. Will do so now.


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