Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The First Lady: Revealing Who You Are

Collage Journal Entry: 9.4.12

Tonight, Michelle Obama reminded us the importance of story, especially shared human stories as she spoke to us about her husband.   Towards the middle of her speech she said:

Well, today, after so many struggles and triumphs and moments that have tested my husband in ways I never could have imagined, I have seen firsthand that being president doesn’t change who you are – it reveals who you are.

IN keeping with making entries in my collage journal, I decided to make today's image based on the First Lady who revealed to all of us what it means to be rock solid.

The First Lady (2012, M.A. Reilly)

The full text of Michelle Obama's speech can be found here.
The image is available through Red Bubble.


  1. Elizabeth BaconSmithSeptember 5, 2012 at 9:37 AM

    Beautifully done, Mary Ann! Absolutely beautiful and fitting!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. I began the image as I listened to the Michelle Obama speak last night. Very heartfelt.

  2. Wonderful tribute to a great lady!

  3. A friend of a friend on Facebook brought me here (which, I guess, may mean you're going "viral").
    Thank you for capturing the spirit of last night's experience so well.
    Wonderful memento.

    1. It was my pleasure. I was so moved by her speech and who she is.