Thursday, September 13, 2012

Resources for Teaching Argumentative Reading and Writing

from I'm Not Quite Jack


Argument Handout from The University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill
Classical Argument
from English Language Education: Argumentative Texts
OWL: Purdue Online Writing Lab
The Toulmin Model of Argument
Education for Thinking
One Good Move

Selecting Evidence to Support an Argument (HS) 
Writing Argumentative Texts
Introduction to Textual Analysis 2

The American Forest - John Muir (The Atlantic, 1897)
Guns Don't Belong in the Hands of  Administrators, Professors, or Students - Jesus M. Villahermosa, Jr, (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 4.18.2008)
Lecture is Dead, Take 3 - Murray Jensen (American Biology Teacher, March 2007)
Bibliography (with links) to argumentatitve essays for middle schoolers


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I bookmarked it, and will share it with my teaching colleagues. We've been grappling with the differences between "persuasive" and "argument."

    1. Kuhn's research (There's lots of it) and the implications as outlined by Nystrand and Graff should help you and your colleagues distinguish between persuasion and argumentation and the influence of classrooms environment on student learning. Nothing happens outside the lived context yes? The slideshare is from a workshop I did last year for literacy coaches in NYC. I have been in contact with Kuhn (she's at TC/Columbia). I recommend her work highly. It is fascinating. The Nystrand and Graff research is alo very, very compelling. Good luck to you and your colleagues as you wade through this.