Monday, February 26, 2018

#PoetryBreak: Words for Forgetting

Watching (M.A. Reilly, NY State, 2009)

Words for Forgetting

Loren Eiseley
From Prairie Schooner.
Go forward on these simple roads,
Do not turn back.
The stars behind you in the wind will blow,
The coyote’s track
Delicately replace the lifted dust
Of your own heel.
Go forward and the dark will close
About you. You will feel
The fragrant emptiness of prairie miles.
Now you will own
Nothing that is not yours, yourself
Down to the naked bone.

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  1. Hi Maryann, Great pairing of visual and words. It is so nice to stop and comment on a post. It has been much too long. Life is a bit crazy.....I have not been writing much, so I have decided not to do the Writing Challenge. Sometimes grief swallows me whole. March however makes me think of you and where we were one year ago. I think of you often and miss your art, your words and your wisdom. I will try to visit you on your blog now and again. I hope you are doing OK.-Travelinma aka Barbara


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