Tuesday, May 3, 2016

#SOL16: Art Collaboration 1

Grief (R.Cohen & M.A. Reilly, 2016)
When Rob was in the palliative care center of the hospital a few weeks before he died, he began to apply watercolor washes over pages of writing he had done

One morning I brought paint and brushes with me to the palliative care center when I went to visit Rob. I arrived to find he was very, very anxious about coming off the high-flow oxygen machine. He was afraid he would be oxygen deprived. While we waited for one of the nurses to arrive with a tranquilizer, I suggested painting.

I find it helps me to relax.
Anything that helps.

I gave him a pallet of paints, a cup of water, some napkins and some brushes. He picked up a brush and I did as well and we spent the next 45 minutes just painting. The art making did relax him.

I promised him that morning that I would create a piece of art that combined his notebook pages with new work of mine. The first attempt at this is the work that tops this post, Grief. It incorporates two pages from Rob's notebooks that he worked on that morning.

I love you, Rob and I hope somehow you are seeing this, feeling the love.


  1. He is! It's so beautiful and should hang prominently for you.

  2. Their hands are always dabbling in our art.

    1. Dawning tears apply watercolour wash to their drawing.

    2. With each stroke we leap beyond the frame.

    3. They are sat contemplative with those who see.

    4. And we shall surely see.
      And we shall surely see.

    5. The poem too moves us beyond the frame and we surely see...

  3. Crying again. Thank you for your continuing work and witness. Blessings on your heart.