Thursday, June 5, 2014

10 Books about Artists for Teens

Goldsworthy, Andy. (2004). Passage.  New York: Harry N. Abrams. 
(Artist: Andy Goldsworthy, 1956 -   )

Andy Goldworthy's Garden of Stones.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude's Gates (Central Park, NYC, 1979-2005)
Greenberg, Jan & Sandra Jordan. (2008). Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Through the Gates and Beyond. New York: Roaring Brook Press.
(Artists: Christo, 1935 -  & Jeanne-Claude, 1935 - 2009)

Louise Bourgeois, The Spider

Greenberg, Jan & Sandra Jordan. (2003). Runaway Girl: The Artist Louise BourgeoisNew York: Harry N. Abrams. 
(Artist: Louise Bourgeois, 1911-2010)

This is a link to a website dedicated to making accessible, Louise Bourgeois art.

Romare Bearden's The Block, 1971
Hughes Langston. (1995). The Block. Paintings by Romare Bearden. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art.
(Artist: Romare Bearden, 1911-1988)
Wolf Kahn's My Barn on a Summer Night, 1982
Kahn, Wolf. (2003). Wolf Kahn's America: An Artist's Travels. Introduction by John Updike. New York: Harry N. Abrams.
(Artist: Wolf Kahn, 1927 - )

Marc Chagall's I and the Village, 1911

Lewis, J. Patrick and Jane Yolen. (2011/2014). Self Portrait with Seven Fingers: The Life of Marc Chagall in Verse. Mankato, MN: Creative Editions.
(Artist: Marc Chagall, 1887-1885)

Romare Bearden's Poseidon, the Sea God

O'Meally, Robert. (2008). Romare Bearden: A Black Odyssey. New York: DC Moore Gallery.
(Artist: Romare Bearden, 1911-1988)

Spires,Elizabeth. (2009). I Heard God Talking To MeWilliam Edmondson and His Stone Carvings. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux.
(Artist: William Edmondson, 1883-1951)

Waldman, Diane. (2002). Joseph Cornell: Master of DreamsNew York: Harry N. Abrams.
(Artist: Joseph Cornell, 1903 - 1972)

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