Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Other Side of Tired

Forgetfulness (M.A. Reilly, 2010)
The Other Side of Tired

    - Carmen Tafolla

Traveler, there is no road.You create the road by walking.        - Antonio Machado

I'm on the other side
of tired
where feet fall heavily
on paths that do not quibble
the buckets sit stodgily
still needing to be carried
the fires hissing to be lit
the mouths crying to be fed
nothing ever stops
until the end
the overworked candle
at the last flicker
burning to the nub
The camino spreads long before me
demanding but telling nothing
As I trudge forward
my rebozo falls gently about me
without resistance
without waste
I do no wonder what to do
and my feet do not ask where to go
only how to lift the weight
of their own leaden bones
once more and once more
and once

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