Friday, February 15, 2013

The Moon

I have been fascinated by the moon, spending hours making images during the last few years. Here are a few.   -  Mary Ann 

Winter Solstice (2010)
Aftermath (2011)

Tuscan Moon (2009)

Loch Ness (2006)

Pastoral (2012)
And Full of Sleep (2012)
Moon Longing (2012)

The Bath (2012)

Full Moon Rising (2011)

A Thousand Years of Dreaming (2012)

Moonrise (2012)

Moon Be Gone (2012)

Moon Rising in Newark (2012)

Midnight (2008)
Make a Wish (2009)
Winter Tree (2013)

Moon Over Field (2012)

Catch the Wind (2011)

Moon Impression (2011)

Night Lights (2009)
And the Stars Fell One-by-One (2008)
Clotho (2010)
Praise Song for the Solstice (2010)
Winter Fog (2010)

Raven Moon (2011)
An Offering (2011)
Bewitched (2009)

Forgetfulness (2009)

Coming through the Rye (2011)

Sisyphus (2011)


  1. I love waking up to Moon Longing every morning. My next purchase will be Tuscan moon. So peaceful.

    1. So pleased to know you have a coy of it hanging in your home:)

  2. Mary Ann,
    Last night I was coming home and the moon was hanging just above the trees. It was large and bright, lighting up the dark evening sky. I wanted a picture. I really wanted a picture. I stopped my car - in the road - and got out my phone. You know that didn't work. As big as the moon was my phone couldn't capture what I was seeing. So I drove on down the road to get closer. We have a road nearby which has no outlet. I thought this would be the perfect place to try again. I got out of my car once again --- I'm sure the people on this isolated road were wondering what I was up to standing in the street. This time, with my iPad, I tried to capture a picture again. Of course, as large as the moon was, the picture didn't capture the beauty I was seeing. I felt like the moon and I were playing a game and I was losing! I had to laugh. In my adventure I was reminded of your beautiful work. I suppose I just don't have the tools to capture the moon, but I'm thankful I always have your site to remind me of the moon and its many faces.

    Thanks for sharing your work,

    1. I have done similar things, all the time knowing the image I will make with my phone is not one I will be sharing. I looked out the window about 4 a.m. and noticed the moon. A bit of a hazy night.

      I shot all of these images with a Nikon, often using a 300 mm lens and a tripod.

      Thanks Cathy for your lovely comment. Made my day.

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