Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Preventing Literacy Difficulties in Kindergarten and Grade 1

Child who had not been reading,  reads from his book box while his peers and teacher listen. 

In this post, I want to highlight through images some of the ways we are working with inner city public schools to help them prevent reading and writing difficulties in grades K-1. Specifically, we have helped teachers to strengthen independent reading and writing in their classrooms by organizing and supplementing classroom libraries, scaffolding reading and writing, developing individual book boxes/bags for children, instituting turning and talking about texts, providing high quality read aloud books and e-book guides, introducing interactive and shared writing, and supporting kindergarten and first grade teachers as they implement these practices and reading and writing workshop. It is important to note that many of these images were made in Lenore Furman's kindergarten class in Newark, NJ. Lenore is a nationally recognized primary grade teacher whose work with children is nothing less than inspiring.

Science observation.

Reading bag support.

Observation page.

Lenore confers with a kindergarten writer,
helping her to add a lead to her story.

Writing supports that are in each child's writing folder.

Kindergarten child takes control of the conference. Agency matters.

Table card to suport reading. These cards change based
on what supports learners need.

Child's painting, neatly displayed.

Pretend center mural. Murals change based on themes.

Pretend center materials.

Writing where you are comfortable.

Writing Where you are comfortable.

Anchor Chart 
Read Aloud Books

Read  Aloud Books 
Independent Reading Book Boxes

Read Aloud Books
Close up of Interactive Writing 
1st Grade Children's ThankYou to
Blueprint's Consultant via Interactive Writing
One section of Classroom Library

Sandy Heintz, an administrator, reads with a child.

Book organization

Kindergartener practicing reading.

Kindergartener practicing reading.
Word Wall words on popsicle sticks
that are used by children when writing.

Word Wall

Spacing tool that is included in students' writing folder.

Interactive Writing

Initial Chart for learning workshop structures.

Center Organization

Reading Goal Reminder that is placed in Reading Bag

Individual Reading Bag with just right books
Sign Up for Teacher Assistance

Anchor chart made with learners
Reading Goal Card

1st Grader's Story

Leveled Books are Color Coded

Suport Card in each child's reading box/bag.

Building Community

Table card (These change based on
what children need to learn)
Interactive Writing based
on Non-Fiction Study

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