Friday, October 19, 2012

What I Write

I write often, a lot, daily. It's a habit. This blog has taken on its own life.

I write with and without words, making marks through different media.

I write proposal for clients and potential clients. This week I have written three.

I tweet and RT.

I write and rewrite articles
and when fortunate get to coauthor works. Often this takes on a life of email writing.

I write poems (but less frequently).  Here's one: 


The photo falls
from between the pressed
pages of a book.
Here in the slight slant
of remaining light,

I see it

is of a young girl                    turning 
                                                  from a door    
                                                  slightly open. 
Her lips are parted    
and she is caught
and speech—balancing
the clumsiness of her youth
with the certainty of coming grace. 

There are others in the picture:
a younger cousin, an aunt        
both of whom know how to look        
at the camera—how to make it smile.          
She has forgotten; perhaps
she has yet to learn.
Crouched here where the attic eaves
meet the floor, settled beneath
the small window ledge
I want to call out to her
to gather what she can—
                                                      for the moment
                    the price
                                           of such cargo.

I write notes about what I read, hear, see, and observe.
I am a margin writer and now I type in the proverbial margin of electronic texts. 
I am often making notes and I am most days observing.

I don't write letters too much anymore and I'm not sure I am any the worse for this.

I want to be a list maker, but I find it too tedious.  What starts as a list often gets abandoned. 
 Days later,I find the started list 
     and paste it into something 
     new I'm making.

I see little space between the written and the painted: the imagined and the photographed.

I write alongside participants in workshops.

Shh. I write maps.

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